The Pendix eDrive turns almost every bike into an eBike

One for all

Retrofitting with the Pendix eDrive

Something completely impossible was created with the Pendix eDrive: An eBike retrofit drive that can be mounted on almost all frame models and bicycle types. This turns your favourite bike into a powerful, stylish eBike in no time - and you stay true to your individual style.

Quiet. Quieter. The mid-mounted motor.

The heart of your eBike retrofit kit for all types of bikes is the specially designed mid-mounted motor. You start the motor. You hear... nothing. The Pendix eDrive, the motor of progress, is absolutely noiseless. However, it is by no means weak, but particularly agile and powerful. And at the same time, it impresses with a pedalling motion that could hardly be more natural.

  1. Noiseless and maintenance-free system
  2. Optimum mounting position on the bicycle due to a mid-mounted motor
  3. Water and dust resistant according to IP65
  4. No pedal resistance with the motor switched off or empty battery
  5. Can be combined with all gear systems
  • Eco

    The Eco mode gives you the feeling of riding a bike without an eBike drive. It supports you only minimally, but in such a way that you feel comfortable.


    long range, natural feeling of cycling, own physical activity well noticeable after a long ride

    Examples of use

    flat routes, longer tours, physical training for non-professionals


    +75 % in addition to your own pedal operation possible

  • Smart

    Smart is not smart for nothing. In this mode, you are optimally on the way. The noticeable support and acceleration is like a nice tailwind.


    balanced ride, medium range with little effort

    Examples of use

    Urban traffic, slight gradients, little paved ground


    +150 % in addition to your own pedal operation possible

  • Sports

    Sports mode gives you wings. The Pendix eDrive really accelerates. This guarantees that you reach your destination faster - no matter how high it is set.


    a lot of power available with little physical exertion

    Examples of use

    Mountains, steep slopes, loose ground, strong headwind


    +200 % in addition to your own pedal operation possible

Full load ahead

With the Pendix eDrive, you experience a completely new driving experience. You are going to want to ride it as much as possible. It is available in two versions - the eDrive300 (300 Wh) and the eDrive500 (500 Wh). It is quite easy to charge. You release the battery from its holder with only one hand movement. Now simply place it on the included charging station and your eDrive is ready for use again within a very short time.

Lithium Ionen Akku mit LED Ring für Anzeige verschiedener Akku Ladezustände

Colours speak more than a thousand values. You can recognise the state of charge of your battery at a glance.

Lithium Ionen Akku mit 300Wh

Technical data eDrive300 / eDrive500



brushless bottom bracket motor


250 W nominal*

Speed (max)

25 km/h**

Drive modes


Torque (max)

50 Nm


Battery type

lithium-ion (removable)


300 Wh / 500 Wh


48 V

Charging time

3 h*** / 3 h 20 min****

Range optimal *****

45-105 km / 69-160 km


Wheel sizes

all sizes supports frame


all with standard construction measures and bottom bracket using BSA 68 mm/73 mm standard threads


Additional weight

6.5 kg / 6.9 kg

Dimensions battery

80 x 276 mm (D x H) / 80 x 342 mm (D x H)

Dimensions actuator

292 x 206 x 50 mm (W x H x D)


Reference Germany (250 watt for EU countries)


higher speeds possible with pure muscle strength


with 2,2 A charging current


with 3,6 A charging current


depending on the cyclist, riding style, topography, motor setting and bicycle type

For you. At your Pendix dealer.

You can buy the Pendix eDrive from one of the numerous Pendix dealers, have it installed and upgrade your favourite bike in no time at all, or equip your new dream bike with additional power. Whether city, trekking, mountain bike or cargo bike - the Pendix eDrive can be mounted on almost any frame model and gives your bike additional momentum.

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