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General questions

Does the Pendix eDrive fit my bike?

In principle, the Pendix eDrive fits any commercially available bicycle type, but there are still some requirements that your bicycle must meet for mounting (construction measures, mounting points, compatibility, etc.). All Pendix retailers have a checklist of points to be met and will be able to tell you very quickly whether the Pendix eDrive is compatible with your bike.

How long is the warranty period for my Pendix eDrive?

The warranty period for the Pendix eDrive is 2 years for end customers.

Where can I test the Pendix eDrive?

Select a retailer near you from the Pendix store locator and request a test ride directly. Most authorised retailers will be happy to provide you with a test bike.

How to order

Where can I purchase the Pendix eDrive?

The Pendix eDrive is available from selected authorised dealers. With the store locator, you can also find a retailer near you.

How is installation the Pendix eDrive done and is it possible for me to install it myself?

The Pendix eDrive can only be installed by an authorised retailer. The retailer will also check the condition of your bike and its compatibility with the drive. They will give you good advice and you are, therefore, guaranteed a safe journey.

How can I buy the Pendix eDrive if there is no retailer near me?

Contact the retailer you trust in the Pendix eDrive. Your retailer can also order the Pendix eDrive from Pendix and install it on your bike.

What additional costs should I expect after purchasing the Pendix eDrive?

Thanks to low energy consumption and wear, running costs are very low. However, a regular inspection is recommended as with your conventional bicycle.

Questions about the drive

With which bottom bracket is the Pendix eDrive compatible?

The Pendix eDrive is compatible with all bikes with a standard BSA 68 mm or 73 mm wide bottom bracket. It is also compatible with all bicycles with an eccentric bottom bracket sleeve if the eccentric seat is slotted in the frame and braced by two screws. For safety reasons, installation is only possible in eccentric bottom bracket sleeves made of metallic material (aluminium, steel). Plastic sleeves are not suitable.

How does the system move when the motor is switched off?

The Pendix eDrive is equipped with a gearless motor and thus enables a smooth driving experience when the motor is switched off.

Is the Pendix eDrive speed or torque controlled?

With such a high-quality product as the Pendix eDrive, it is important that rideability and comfort for riding are right. For Pendix, this includes the most sensitive possible dosage of desired support, as well as a harmonious, natural power output from the motor. For this reason, Pendix uses a torque measuring bearing that precisely determines your pedalling force and regulates the motor accordingly.

How does the speed limit work?

The Pendix eDrive comes with a speed sensor attached to the rear wheel. Together with the wheel size set by Pendix in the electronics, the Pendix eDrive detects when the speed exceeds 25km/h and stops the motor gently.

Can I keep the shift and brake systems in my bike?

The Pendix eDrive is compatible with all derailleur and hub gears and all braking systems; you can still use coaster brakes.

What crank lengths can I purchase with the Pendix eDrive?

The Pendix eDrive is available with a crank length. This is 172.5mm.

How many chainrings are compatible with the Pendix eDrive?

The Pendix eDrive can be used with all single, double and triple chainrings.

Lithium Ionen Akku mit 300Wh

Questions about the battery

How realistic is the specified range?

The specified ranges are ideal values that can be achieved under optimum conditions. The actual range you can achieve with your Pendix eDrive depends on many factors. These include, for example, your chosen support level, the amount of power you use, the way you shift, track conditions, total weight and much more.

What can I use the USB interface on the battery for?

The Pendix eDrive batteries have a USB-C port that you can use to charge and operate typical USB devices such as mobile phones, navigation devices or lighting. If necessary, you may need an adapter cable to connect the existing USB device to the battery. You cannot charge the battery of the Pendix eDrive itself via the USB interface and it is also not possible to exchange data via the USB interface.

How can I protect my Pendix eDrive battery from theft?

To allow you to connect the battery during short stops, there is a steel bracket at the bottom, which can be pulled out and secured with a bicycle lock. You can also easily remove the battery.

Is the battery safety checked?

Safety is Pendix's top priority alongside quality and functional requirements. Every single battery manufactured by Pendix undergoes strict tests according to European directives and standards. Only if all of these have been successfully passed, will it be put on sale. To ensure that safety is maintained in the long term, Pendix and its suppliers produce according to the strictest quality guidelines.

Is there a battery with a capacity higher than 300 Wh for my Pendix eDrive?

Yes, you can choose between the following two battery capacities:300 Wh and 500 Wh. To be as flexible as possible with your Pendix eDrive, you can combine several batteries. The motor and the holder are the same for both battery systems.

How are the battery and motor electronics protected against water?

The Pendix eDrive is protected according to IP65 against water spray from all directions and thus offers increased protection against water. However, you should refrain from using high-pressure cleaners, as the system is not designed for this type of load.

How should I store the battery if I do not use it for a long time?

If you cannot use your bicycle with the Pendix eDrive for a long time, it is best to store it in a dry room with temperatures well above freezing. Pendix recommends that you charge the battery to 50 to 80 percent and check its condition at least every 12 weeks.

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