Your sales drive for more turnover

Benefit twice over

Electronically assisted cycling is becoming increasingly popular. Use the fresh eBike wind and benefit twice with the universal Pendix retrofit drive:

Turn every bike in your range into an eBike or convert your customers' favourite bikes into an eBike - an enormous potential of new customers and customers motivated to buy with over 6.4 million bikes already in circulation!

Your advantages at a glance

Maximum possibilities, minimum risk

  • enormous market potential for new and existing bicycles
  • short capital tie-up periods due to flexible order intervals
  • no minimum order requirements
  • maximum flexibility through short delivery times
  • additional turnover with minimal storage effort

high performance in every aspect

  • Einfache Bedienung

    and easy installation and use

  • Pendix als Antrieb

    Minimal additional load of the bicycle system with a mid-mounted engine

  • Garantie für alle Fälle

    2 year warranty
    on all parts

  • Eichfacher Austausch

    Easy replacement
    of individual parts due to a modular design of the drive.

  • Versicherung für alle Fälle

    Secure role of the manufacturer
    through a strong insurance partner possible

Start off with the Pendix marketing mix

Attractive marketing packages
Pendix supports you in marketing at the POS, as well as with online and offline advertising campaigns.

 Welcome to Pendix Support

If your drive or battery needs to be replaced, your customers will receive the replacement within two working days. Our shipping service delivers the battery directly to your customer's home; your customer has to collect the drive from you.

  • Warranty

    Your end customer receives a 2 year warranty on every Pendix drive. The warranty does not cover personal negligence, e.g. damage caused by a fall or water.

  • How to proceed with suppliers.

    Pendix wants to make time as pleasant as possible for all end customers. Should technical failures occur, Pendix keeps replacement times extremely short thanks to a well stocked spare parts warehouse.

  • Communication medium

    Within the operating instructions, you will find a repair guide which enables your customer to correct minor errors himself.

  • Pendix Support

    You can reach the service staff of Pendix either by phone or e-mail.