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Your drive for every occasion

The Pendix eDrive300 is much more than just an eBike drive. It is a drive for your life. With it, you can enjoy the ultimate driving pleasure for all occasions. Whether on your way to the office, in the city or on tours into the countryside, you and your motor get going, but you certainly don't sweat.

RRP: € 1,490 | RRP: CHF 1,590 (excluding assembly)


For all those who want even more

65 % more capacity, 55 km more range, 100 % more flexibility. If you are looking for more, the new eDrive500 retrofit drive is your perfect companion. A real power pack, even for very long tours.

RRP: € 1,690 | RRP: CHF 1,790 (excluding assembly)


Pedal crank

Battery with charger

Our Flex packages

For all those who want even more ...

... we get the best out of it: The Pendix eDrive Flex packages with different battery variants offer you clever combination possibilities for your personal application. Here are three packages that offer you even more power and flexibility.

Pendix eDrive600

eDrive Flex600

Battery: ePower300 + ePower300

RRP: € 1,740 | RRP: CHF 2,020
Set savings up to € 349 / CHF 299
(excluding assembly)

eDrive Flex800

Battery: ePower300 + ePower500

RRP: € 1,890 | RRP: CHF 2,190
Set savings up to € 299 / CHF 299
(excluding assembly)

eDrive Flex1000

Battery: ePower500 + ePower500

RRP: € 1,990 | RRP: CHF 2,350
Set savings up to € 399 / CHF 299
(excluding assembly)

From 0 to 100 percent

With an additional battery, you are even more flexible.If a battery runs out, you can replace it within seconds with a second, individually purchased ePower300 or ePower500 battery. This way, you are on the safe side even on long tours.


RRP: € 599 | RRP: CHF 716


RRP: € 699| RRP: CHF 835

Other accessories

Pendix Motor Cover

RRP: € 34.90 | RRP: CHF 44.90

Pendix Battery Cover300

RRP: € 29.90 | RRP: CHF 38.90

Pendix Battery Cover500

RRP: € 29.90 | RRP: CHF 38.90

Pendix Electric Cap

RRP: € 17.90 | RRP: CHF 23.90

Available at your local Pendix retailer.

You can buy the Pendix eDrive from one of the numerous Pendix dealers, have it installed and upgrade your favourite bike in no time at all, or equip your new dream bike with additional power. Whether city, trekking, mountain bike or cargo bike - the Pendix eDrive can be mounted on almost any frame model and gives your bike additional momentum.

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