There is an eBike drive for everyone

Whether city, trekking, mountain bike or cargo bike - the Pendix eDrive can be mounted on almost any frame model. Within a short time your favourite bike will be transformed into a powerful eBike.

City bike

You know too well the steep ascents on your daily way to work. Or the long way to the supermarket. But you love your city bike, can't imagine another bike for everyday use. Whether classic ladies' bike or modern urban bike - with the Pendix eDrive, you stay true to your favourite bike - and enjoy all the advantages of an eBike at the same time.

Trekking bike

Bicycle tours are your passion. You like to be active. On paved roads or gravel paths, on your way through the vineyards or rather on a tour with friends in the Alps? Your trekking bike is always your loyal and reliable companion, universally applicable on all tours.
Almost irreplaceable, but not irreclaimable. With the Pendix eDrive, you can master longer distances - and travel even faster. And even if you have a little more luggage with you.

Mountain bike

You will feel comfortable on unpaved forest soils and steep ascents. You like it a little more extreme, as paved roads are rarely an option. You will not purchase a new bike, you love your stylish mountain bike too much. But you always want more. Even farther. Even quicker. The Pendix eDrive gives you an extra boost on your tours. So even gradients of more than 20% are no longer an issue for you.

Cargo bike

Whether sustainable lifestyle, fitness or cost savings - there are many good reasons for the boom in transport bikes. More and more people are leaving their cars and moving around or doing their shopping with their cargo bike. With the Pendix eDrive, you give your cargo bike wings in the truest sense of the word: Motor on and you will glide from A to B very easily even with heavy loads. And even the sweetest of loads reaches its destination safely with the Pendix eDrive: Your kids.


Do you want to know if the Pendix eDrive fits on to your favourite bike?
No problem. Just get advice from a Pendix retailer near you.
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You can buy the Pendix eDrive from one of the numerous Pendix dealers, have it installed and upgrade your favourite bike in no time at all, or equip your new dream bike with additional power. Whether city, trekking, mountain bike or cargo bike - the Pendix eDrive can be mounted on almost any frame model and gives your bike additional momentum.

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