One for all types of bikes

Motor on. Motor off. You decide.

Uphill with motor support or with pure muscle power - with the Pendix eDrive, you decide when your bike becomes an eBike. Whether on the way to the office or for grocery shopping in city traffic. Pendix makes your everyday life easier - and you will love it. For the ultimate in driving pleasure, Pendix has developed a universal retrofit drive that can be mounted on almost any frame model. So your bike becomes a powerful eBike in no time at all.

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Pendix eDrive - The retrofit eBike drive

Whether city, trekking, mountain or cargo bike - the Pendix eDrive can be mounted on almost any frame model and turns your favourite bike into a powerful eBike in a short time.

  • City Bike
  • Trekking Bike
  • Mountain Bike
  • Cargo Bike

Find out more about the retrofittable bicycle types here

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You can buy the Pendix eDrive from one of the numerous Pendix dealers, have it installed and upgrade your favourite bike in no time at all, or equip your new dream bike with additional power.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Compatible
    with all types of bikes* and switching modes
    *with standard bottom bracket

  • Natural pedal motion
    No pedal resistance with the motor switched off or empty battery

  • Quality "Made in Germany"
    Perfect processing of high-quality materials

  • Noiseless
    and maintenance-free system

  • Long range
    eDrive300:45-105 km
    eDrive500:69-160 km

Top 5 FAQs

Where can I purchase the Pendix eDrive?

The Pendix eDrive is available from selected authorised dealers. With the store locator, you can also find a retailer near you.

How is installation the Pendix eDrive done and is it possible for me to install it myself?

The Pendix eDrive can only be installed by an authorised retailer. The retailer will also check the condition of your bike and its compatibility with the drive. They will give you good advice and you are, therefore, guaranteed a safe journey.

How can I buy the Pendix eDrive if there is no retailer near me?

Contact the retailer you trust in the Pendix eDrive. Your retailer can also order the Pendix eDrive from Pendix and install it on your bike.

What additional costs should I expect after purchasing the Pendix eDrive?

Thanks to low energy consumption and wear, running costs are very low. However, a regular inspection is recommended as with your conventional bicycle.

Where can I test the Pendix eDrive?

Select a retailer near you from the Pendix store locator and request a test ride directly. Most authorised retailers will be happy to provide you with a test bike.