Warranty conditions for private consumers

(status 05.18)

Regardless of the legal regulations, Pendix offers private consumers as the first owner of the system a two-year, non-transferrable warranty on the components of the drive system. Excluded from this are typically wear parts, in this case the measuring strut bearing. If the battery is used according to the intended use, a warranty is granted to private consumers for the first two years or 500 charging cycles (80% residual capacity), whichever occurs first. Beyond that, the battery is considered as a wear part.

The warranty period begins on the day the product is bought, at the latest, however, one year after the original production date (see label on battery and eMachine). Warranty cases shall be reported immediately.

  • battery label

  • eMachine label

The warranty is only applicable to material or processing errors and can only be granted, if the proof of purchase in the form of an original invoice or cash voucher indicating the date of purchase, the dealer as well as the model designation of the bicycle is available. Furthermore, the information regarding “Built” and “Serial number” of battery and drive must be proven either in writing on the proof of purchase or via photo. If these proofs are not delivered, Pendix reserves the right to refuse warranty.

Please contact your dealer if a defect or fault occurs during this period. At the discretion of Pendix, warranty includes the quoted repair or the replacement of the defective or impaired components by a service exchange unit.

Warranty repairs will exclusively be performed by Pendix or by partners authorised by Pendix. Possible repair costs incurred by a partner not authorised by Pendix will not be reimbursed. Furthermore, any warranty claim will become void due to this.

The warranty period will not be extended due to repair works or the replacement during the warranty period.

Warranty cases resulting from the following causes are excluded regardless of other reasons:

  • due to external influences such as collision, falling rocks, accidents, falls or other events with a direct external influence due to mechanical force
  • wilful or malicious actions such as e.g., but not limited to, theft, robbery or elementary events
  • improper use, if the product is e.g. exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture or humidity or if the battery was damaged due to the failure to comply with the safety instructions for the handling and storage of batteries in the system operating manual
  • damages as well as improper use of the plug connections, such as e.g. exposing the motor or battery plug without protection to humidity and moisture

Furthermore, no warranty will apply:

  • if the model, serial or product numbers on Pendix products were changed, concealed or removed
  • if the battery is used in systems which are not approved for the use with Pendix products
  • if Pendix components were opened, modified or painted

The warranty is only applicable to Pendix original components. The use of spare parts of unknown origin is strictly prohibited and will invalidate the warranty of all other components included in the system.

The warranty does not cover the compensation of property damages, costs for loan or rental devices, downtimes, travel expenses or other additional claims. The liability of Pendix arising from the warranty is limited to the acquisition value of the product.