From bike to smart eBike, also thanks to PRO App

Whether iOS or Android mobile phone - the Pendix eDrive can be connected to the PRO app. Use the smart feature for detailed information display around your Pendix eDrive. App PRO

Function overview of the PRO App

  1. Record average speed, distance and duration for day trips and the total distance travelled.
  2. Display of current speed, cadence and support level
  3. Percentage display of the charge level of your Pendix ePower
  4. Navigation function for optimum routing to your destination
  5. Display of various battery and drive data at a glance
  6. Display of battery and drive errors incl. history
  7. Creation of your own user profile and its administration
  8. Viewing and performing Pendix firmware updates*
  9. Changing the motor settings with the "Drive profiles" function
  10. Changing the wheel circumference (for dealers only)
  11. Test of sensors (only for dealers)

* Only if firmware updates are available, a new menu item appears under bicycle "Pendix Update".

Connection between mobile phone and Pendix eDrive is quick and easy via Bluetooth

As soon as you have downloaded the PRO App to your mobile phone, you have to register first. Once this process is completed, you can establish the connection. For the connection between your mobile phone and the Pendix eDrive set the rotary knob on the ePower to Smart and press the power button for 4 seconds. This will activate the Bluetooth on the battery. Now you can go to the tab "Bike" in the app and search for your system. Select it and the connection between the Pendix App and the Pendix System will be established.

Please note the following: In order to be able to see and execute all data and functions, the ePower must be connected to the eMachine.

The drive profiles function gives you maximum flexibility

The new function allows you to make fine adjustments to the motor assistance itself. Depending on whether you want to be assisted longer or feel the maximum power, you can adjust this in future via app. In the register "Bike" you will find the new function in the lower area. The ePower and the mtoro must be connected. You can change the profil from Performance to Efficiency and you can change the settings in the profiles.

Who can use the new function?

Requirements for the function "Drive profiles": Your eMachines must be used with an ePower300 and ePower500. The ePower must be compatible with the app (see Compatibility section). Also, your eMachine must have a serial number that starts with greater than or equal to 18 in the first two digits.

Update necessary for older systems

Please open the PRO App and in it the tab "Bike". At the bottom of this tab you will find "Firmware Updates". Please check for available updates and execute them.


Minimum requirement of your mobile phone:

Android requires at least version 9.0 and a display size of 960x540; iOS requires at least version 13.0 as mobile operating system.

Minimum requirements of your Pendix system:

The PRO App is compatible as standard with Pendix systems delivered as of 01.07.2018 (batteries with part number B2C.904.061 as of serial number 1003680; for batteries with part number B1C.904.061 as of serial number 2001837).

Pendix systems which were delivered from 28.03.2019 can also use the new firmware update functionality in the PRO app, i.e. keep the software in the Pendix eDrive up to date. This can be recognized by the ePower (battery) from the following part and serial number:

  • 500 Wh batteries (part no. B2C.904.061) from serial number 1005867
  • 300 Wh batteries (part no. B1C.904.061) from serial number 2003275
  • 150 Wh batteries: all

How to set up the Pendix App

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In our download area we also have the instructions for setting up the PRO App.

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