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Pendix eDrive - The flexible system

There are only a few requirements that should be fulfilled for the installation of the Pendix eDrive.

Safety requirements of your bike

Your bike should be in a technically very good condition and should not have any pre-damages that cannot be repaired before the bike is re-equipped. Furthermore, all safety-relevant assemblies and parts should be intact and not worn out. These include tires, rims, brakes, frames, bearings, handlebars, stem, rear derailleur, driveline. If you have any questions or uncertainties, we recommend that you contact your specialist dealer, who can check your bike.

If you participate in road traffic with your bicycle, please make sure that your bicycle complies with the StVZO. The following points must be fulfilled:

  • 2 independently acting brakes
  • Front and rear lighting
  • Reflectors front and rear
  • Dynamo or battery light
  • 2 reflectors per pedal
  • 2 spoke reflectors or reflective material on spoke, rim or tyre per wheel
  • Light-tone bell

Additional components such as mudguards for the wheels, a chain or belt guard or a parking light system are not mandatory, but nevertheless useful.

The same applies here too: if you don't want to put your own hands on your bike, you should have it checked in a specialist workshop.

Technical installation requirements of your bike


During the assembly of the Pendix, the bottom bracket of your bike will be exchanged with the Pendix measuring bottom bracket. The prerequisite for this is that a so-called BSA bottom bracket bearing is installed. The term "BSA" stands for a type of thread which is used to fasten the bottom bracket in the frame. The left bottom bracket sleeve is designed with a conventional right-hand thread and the right bottom bracket sleeve with a left-hand thread. There are two variants of the BSA bottom bracket type in width, one 68mm and one 73mm bottom bracket housing width. This is important to know as the Pendix measuring crankset is installed with or without a spacer, depending on the width. The width can also be measured in the installed condition of the old bottom bracket bearing.

The Pendix ePower (battery) and the eMaschine (motor) need enough space on your bike. The motor is always mounted on the left side of the bike, opposite the chainrings. The battery can be mounted in different positions. The holes provided in a bottle holder can be used for this purpose. If the battery does not fit in this position, the battery can also be mounted on the top tube or on the seat tube using a clamp holder. To test whether your bike has enough space for the two Pendix components, we offer a template that can be printed out and plugged together.

Download mounting template


On the right side of the bike the crank is replaced by a Pendix crank. For this crank, 4-hole chainrings with the connection dimensions 4 x 104 mm or 4 x 64 mm are required. If your bike does not have the described chainrings, it is possible to replace them and mount the Pendix with the crank. If you are not confident enough to do this, you should have the installation carried out by a Pendix dealer.

For mounting the Pendix ePower (battery), a battery holder is supplied as standard. This uses the screw-in points for bottle holders which are available on your bike. If the battery needs to be mounted elsewhere on the bike, we offer clamp holders for this purpose. For the assembly of the clamp holder, a band tensioning tool is advisable, which you can also obtain from us.

Retrofitting with the Pendix eDrive

Large battery, small battery or rather a Pendix eDrive advantage package? Find the right Pendix eDrive for you using our configurator.

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