About Pendix

Our Values

High quality

Our aim is to deliver the best possible quality. In order to meet this demand, our production in Zwickau has a high degree of automated processes to ensure consistent quality. During production, the motor and battery are subjected to constant quality controls. In addition, we carry out endurance tests to guarantee the longevity of Pendix products.


We want to get more people excited about cycling, encourage the re-use of existing bicycles and thus make a contribution to our environment. This already starts with the production. We source the majority of our components from Europe. And for us, sustainability does not end with the sale of our products. In cooperation with the Stiftung Batteries Joint Take-Back System, we design the disposal of our rechargeable batteries to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Each of our Pendix dealers receives a collection container for lithium-ion batteries free of charge. Used batteries can thus be disposed of safely and the important materials recycled.


The Pendix eDrive was developed with concentrated engineering skills and know-how from the automotive sector. Visible examples of the care and attention to detail with which the Pendix products are thought through are the beautifully shaped rotary selector for setting the support level and the LED ring for displaying the charge level. With the USB-C interface to charge your smartphone and the brushless mid-motor that's quiet and maintenance-free, the Pendix eDrive becomes a reliable companion in your everyday life. Should you have any questions or concerns, our service is at your disposal.


The Pendix drive system consists of a few components that can be mounted to your bike within an hour, turning it into a powerful pedelec. You can still use your bike even further than a normal bike, as there is no noticeable pedalling resistance when the battery is switched off. If you change your bike after a few years, the Pendix can easily be mounted on your new bike.

The software calibrates itself within the first 1000 meters. Your Pendix eDrive will then adjust to your pedalling behaviour. You can easily operate your Pendix eDrive by turning the Pendix battery dial. If you still value a display, there is the Pendix.bike PRO App for your smartphone. The Pendix battery connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

Company presentation

The foundation stone for our company was already laid in 2006 when we listened as five prospective engineers to a lecture at the university about the emerging trend of Formula Student. For the international design competition from the USA for students, the participating student teams should present a complete package for a racing car. This consisted of a functioning design concept, race performance, financial planning and quick-witted sales arguments. After four years, the first electric racing car was created at Zwickau University as part of this teamwork.

One year later we founded our first company in Zwickau - HERMS technologies GmbH and focused on prototype development in the automotive industry. This included the development of electronic components that will be used in the Le Mans Audi R18, rally champion VW Polo WRC and the BMW M6 GT3.

Based on a project with a well-known bicycle manufacturer and our experience, we founded Pendix GmbH in 2013, developed the Pendix eDrive and launched our first series product on the market in summer 2015. Since then we have concentrated on the further development and marketing of our Pendix products both in Germany and internationally. With 40 employees, we have a strong and highly motivated team of specialists in product development, marketing and production.


Our distribution network covers 18 countries in Europe, North America and Oceania. Over 750 authorized Pendix dealers and 37 bicycle manufacturers worldwide trust in our quality products "Made in Germany". The reliability of Pendix drive systems is already being used by 35 industrial customers for their bicycle fleets and in factory traffic.

The founders

Das Gründerteam vom Pendix eDrive

from left: Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Andi Grebner | Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Andre Lehmann | Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Sebastian Fethke | Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Christian Hennig | Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Thomas Herzog