Retroffiting your Caminade to an eBike

Various models of the bike brand Caminade are compatible with our Pendix eDrive. You can have your bike retrofitted by a Pendix dealer near you. Important to note: every bike has its own characteristics, which we cannot assess from a distance. We therefore recommend that you visit one of our dealers before fitting your bike. They will be able to inspect your bike and tell you whether it is suitable! You can find dealers near you in our dealer search.

Our dealers or customers have already been able to retrofit the following models

Caminade Allroad, Gravel Titanium, Simple Track

Caminade Allroad

 This picture was taken by  Caminade and made available to us.


Are you interested in retrofitting your Caminade with Pendix?

Step 1: Check installation requirements

Before you retrofit your bike with a Pendix, it is important to check the installation requirements. If these conditions are fulfilled, nothing stands in the way of step 2.

Step 2: Check the condition of the bike

After the installation requirements, you should check whether your bicycle has any damage. This can occur, for example, due to accidents, frequent use and increasing age. One of our Pendix dealers will be happy to assist you with a trained eye.

Step 3: Convert your bike

You can order your Pendix eDrive from your Pendix dealer and have it installed.

Step 4: Driving pleasure

The most important step: you can finally drive your retrofitted Caminade! We wish you a safe journey.

You have retrofitted your Caminade with Pendix and would like to help other bike fans decide on a Pendix bike? Then send us a picture of your Caminade to our e-mail address to share it with people interested in Pendix on our website. We will gladly name you as the source of the image.