Pure nature with camping and your Pendix-Bike

To spend your vacation in your own four walls might sound boring at first, but when your home is portable and you can take it to different destinations, it’s beginning to become much more interesting. More and more people are discovering the advantages of camping holidays. This is also shown by the steadily increasing number of mobile homes. The vehicle fleet reached a new record in 2019 with 533,000 vehicles. For many people, a vacation in nature is a balance to work, where they can keep their mind off anything stressful and recharge their batteries. In combination with a pedelec, nothing is standing in the way of relaxing excursions. Thanks to physical exercise outside, the stress of everyday life is quickly forgotten. Your existing bike can also be turned into a pedelec with the Pendix retrofit drive, which has many advantages.

Advantages of Pendix in your camping holiday

Whether on the Baltic Sea, in the Bavarian Alps or on the Moselle, Germany offers a destination for every outdoor enthusiast. If you even have your own bike with you, this increases local mobility which means there is nothing standing in the way of a varied and nature-loving vacation. Compared to rented bicycles or pedelecs, you are familiar with your own bike and have the right equipment for it. With the Pendix eDrive you can turn your bike into a pedelec in the twinkle of an eye. A big advantage for the transport is that the existing equipment for charging the bike does not have to be purchased.

  • Pendix eDrive300 bestehend aus getriebelosem Mittelmotor und 300 Wh Akku

Especially for holidays the Pendix eDrive offers further advantages:

The weight

Depending on the battery size, the weight of your bike increases by 5.4 to 6.9 kg after installing the Pendix system. This system weight mainly results from the engine and battery. You can easily remove the battery with a one hand movement, so that you only have to lift the 4 kg weight of the motor when loading the bike. Compared to ordinary e-bikes, which sometimes weigh between 25 and 30 kg, your light bike can also become a light pedelec.

The processing

The Pendix eDrive is a very robust, reliable and at the same time smart system. Your reliable travel companion consists of only the most necessary components, which are all protected against wind and weather. The system is maintenance-free and updates can also be carried out using the Pendix.bike PRO mobile app. 

A bicycle remains a bicycle

YYou decide for yourself when you want to have ePower support and when you want to ride your bike as a ‘normal’ bike. There is no pedal resistance when the Pendix eDrive has been switched off. The Pendix can be easily activated by pressing the on/off button and the desired support level can be selected by using the rotary switch.

The right pedelec for day trips and city trips

Whether you are one of those motorhome holidaymakers who travel to a new location every day or the one who spends his holidays at the campsite. Once you have arrived, unpacked everything and made yourself comfortable, you will want to leave your vehicle for a while and still explore the immediate and wider surroundings. No matter if you own a trekking, city or mountain bike, almost all types of bikes can be retrofitted with the Pendix eDrive, so in the future you will be able to combine bike and pedelec in one bike.

The folding bike is very popular among camping friends.  It is small, compact, light and offers the great advantage of transport without the need to mount a bicycle holder. For folding bikes we have a special drive system in our assortment, with which the folding mechanism of the bike is retained in many models. Especially the high quality folding bikes of Brompton can be retrofitted with the Pendix eDrive folding bike. But also models of the brands Dahon and Tern can be upgraded to a powerful e-folding bike with Pendix. All information about the e-folding bike with Pendix can be found here: E-Folding Bike with Pendix.

Which pendix is right for you?

Depending on the average distance, luggage and charging possibilities, you can combine the silent and robust motor with 2 battery sizes. Our configurator helps you to find the right Pendix for your needs. After answering a few questions, you will receive a product recommendation at the end and you will be able to find dealers in your area.