Thanks to high quality equipment on tour riding you bike will be so much more fun

The statement “If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly.” can be projected on so many aspects of life and especially on bikes and drives. There is a huge range of prices on the market ranging from 999€ DIY store bikes till 3000€ high-quality bikes. The range is even wider when you don’t just look at ‘normal’ bikes but also at Pedelecs. Why is such a wide price range even existing?

In the following article we would like to give you an overview of the differences in order to help you to find the perfect bike for your needs for your next cycling trip.

All optimal single components put together create a perfect all-round package

In addition to the right bike type and the optimal equipment for the upcoming tour, the contact points also play an important role. The total package should be checked for the upcoming trip in order to keep having fun riding the bike.

  • Tires: The tires of the bike should match the ground, which you usually ride your bike on.  Whether your bike has wired tires, folding tires or tubeless tires, with or without puncture protection, you are spoiled for choice. In the end, the intended use is most important for weighting the different characteristics, which tire types bring with them. If you have quite a light bike, your choice for a bicycle trip with a 15 kg steel frame bike will differ from others.
  • Chain drive vs. belt drive: There are a lot discussions about this choice as the chain drive is cheaper than the belt drive but at the same time maintenance-intensive and short-lived compared to the belt drive.
  • Bike ergonomics: The contact points between human and bike are as important as the optimal frame height. If you don’t have the bike that fits you best at home already, you should seize the opportunity to get an advice from a bike retailer. A bike retailer is able undertake a measurement, which makes it easier to find the ideal bike type and matching components for you. This prevents pain from occurring on the multi-day bike tour and the tour can be enjoyed to the end. Once the right model has been chosen, it can be converted into a pedelec with the Pendix eDrive.

With or without eDrive? Why decide when it is possible to have both

Of course there are lots of drive selling manufacturers, but there are just a few that make it possible to keep your existing bike and turn it into a high-quality Pedelec. We only know one premium drive, that stands out from the crowd of handcrafted drives, due to its quality criteria that can compete with e-Bike drives of big brands which is the Pendix eDrive. In addition, it is perfect for cyclists. In order to prove that we want to show you the essential facts about the Pendix:

getriebelose Mittelmotor und Kurbel
  • Mounting position: the most natural mounting position is in the middle of the bicycle, as the centre of gravity is located in this area.
  • Drive technology: the Pendix motor is a gearless direct motor. It is therefore absolutely noiseless and maintenance-free.
  • Hybrid bicycle: With the Pendix gearless motor, there is no noticeable pedalling resistance when the drive is swithed off. The bike can therefore continue to be used normally, even only selective support on the mountain is possible with the Pendix.
  • Charging option: The Pendix ePower can be removed from the battery holder with one hand and can be recharged easily.
  • Maintenance: many drives require regular maintenance. This is again due to the type of drive, since a gear is subject to a certain amount of wear. Updates must also be carried out by a specialist dealer. Therefore, you should be informed about follow-up costs in advance. The Pendix eDrive drive is maintenance-free and updates can be carried out using the free PRO app. Therefore, the bike only needs to be taken for recommended regular maintenance, while the drive doesn’t have to be checked.
  • Display: A display is another electronic control unit that is exposed to wind and weather. Accordingly, attention should also be paid to a system with a high-quality display. Pendix however does not have a display. It is controlled entirely via the rotary switch on the battery. If you still need more information, you can connect your Pendix eDrive with the PRO app through Bluetooth and view detailed information as range on your mobile phone.
  • Reliable travel companion: the Pendix eDrive is manufactured in Germany and is a real quality product "Made in Germany". It is also used, among other things, on bicycles by postal service providers. Daily use in all wind and weather conditions confirms the robustness and reliability of the Pendix eDrive system..

New touring bikes with Pendix

The Pendix eDrive can be retrofitted to almost all bicycles so that you can choose from the entire bicycle range when purchasing a new Pedelec. Once you’ve found your dream bike, it can be electrified with Pendix. Another option would be to choose a Pedelec with the Pendix eDrive already mounted from selected bicycle manufacturers. In the following, we present two quality brands in the touring bike sector that rely on the Pendix drive.


The trekking bike manufacturer based in northern Germany builds your pedelec after he has undertaken a professional advice and measurement.

  • Herkelmann Fahrrad mit Pendix eDrive
  • Herkelmannfahrrad mit Pendix eDrive

Further information can be found here directly on the Herkelmann website.


The quality bikes from Holland impress with their high quality and durability, which is also proven by the 5-year guarantee on the bike. There are many configuration options in which the Pendix eDrive can be selected, even in the frame color.

  • Santos Trekking Lite mit Pendix
  • Santos Travelmaster mit Pendix eDrive

Further information can be found here directly on the website of SANTOS.