Why are bike tours becoming more and more popular?

Do you know those wonderful days in spring, when the first buds on the trees open, the lush green on the meadows gradually returns and the bushes blossom in a rich yellow? No matter whether in spring, summer or autumn - in motion on the bike and supplied with sufficient oxygen, the senses are sharpened and the facets of each season can be consciously perceived. When exploring the cycle paths and forest trails of the region, you will soon discover that - from the chirping of the birds to the perception of various flower scents - you experience pure nature and can thus wonderfully switch off from everyday life and the usual noise in the city.

Individual planning vs. organized bike tour

There are different ways to plan a bicycle trip. You should decide for yourself how much time you want to invest in planning and how individual your bike trip should be.

If you would like to plan your own route and individual accommodation, then research on the Internet is a good idea. On the other hand, you can also use useful tools on your smartphone for route planning. One of the most popular apps is Komoot, for example.This app, which is partly free of charge, combines navigation and quick route planning, taking into account desired parameters such as duration and distance.
No matter if via internet or app, once the route has been compiled, you can search for accommodation and book it if necessary.
This kind of planning takes some time, but the bike tour with the included destinations, the duration of the trip, the distances, the topography and the accommodations is completely adjusted to your needs.
Another possibility for planning is to place an order with your local travel agency or to book a package tour. In order to better respond to the wide-ranging needs of cyclists, the number of providers and the range of offers has increased steadily in recent years. Most providers offer a choice between bargain tours and luxury packages. If you are travelling with children, you will also find the right route for them. Tours in combination with a boat trip are also possible.
Once booked, you only need to go to the starting point and cycle the given route in the corresponding day tours. There is no need to worry about the luggage, as it is transported from one accommodation to the next.

Cycling tour with tailwind

Natur mit Fahrrad betrieben mit dem Pendix eDrive

Do you feel like going on a bike trip, but you or your fellow travellers still have doubts because:

  • the trip with luggage is more like a tortour than a tour,
  • the landscape should be beautiful, but at the same time it should also have some hills and mountains and you don't want to spend your holidays in a way that is too strenous for you,
  • You have your beloved bikes and your faithful bikes are much too good to exchange for a new pedelec?

The Pendix eDrive retrofit drive is perfect for all individualists, favorite bike owners and nature enthusiasts and is therefore the ideal solution for all these concerns.

Pendix eDrive300 bestehend aus getriebelosem Mittelmotor und 300 Wh Akku

On or off?
Decide for yourself when you want to ride with support.

On our webseite you can get more detailed information about our products. You will see that the Pendix eDrive set is a gearless mid-motor with an ePower (Akku)

Drives with gears always have mechanical parts connected to each other that generate noise, are subject to wear and require regular maintenance. The Pendix eDrive has NO gears. Therefore there are obvious advantages: The Pendix eDrive is maintenance-free and absolutely silent. . Another, not so obvious advantage is the double use of your pedelec as a bicycle. If you switch off the drive, you can continue riding as before without any noticeable pedalling resistance.

So enjoy nature on your future cycling trips. You can keep your favourite bike, add the Pendix retrofit drive and enjoy the landscape with a light tailwind.