Retrofit or new pedelec?

As soon as you hear about the possibility of retrofitting your own bike, sooner or later the question arises what are the advantages of retrofitting compared to buying a new pedelec. In the following we want to show you the main advantages of the Pendix retrofit, so that you can answer this question during your purchase process. The listed advantages can by no means be transferred to other retrofitting providers, since Pendix as the market leader in the field of retrofitting offers a high-quality retrofit "Made in Germany".

Retrofitting with Pendix is sustainable

Your existing bike, which is still functional and can actually be used for years , doesn't have to be a thing of the past because of your desire for an electrical support. On the contrary, with the Pendix eDrive it will be upgraded to a pedelec. With the Pendix retrofit drive you are choosing a German brand product, 85% of the raw materials for which are sourced from Germany and EU countries.

Not only the production is sustainable, but also the whole technology is designed for a durable and long lasting use. The motor has no gearbox, so there are no mechanical wear parts, it is maintenance free and robust. With a high probability the motor will even survive the bicycle on which it was mounted. Then you can simply mount the drive on your next bike.

After the sale of our products our care does not end. With every lithium-ion battery, the capacity of our ePower also decreases after years of use, reducing the range. Pendix is therefore the first drive manufacturer to offer an exchange program that ensures the continued use of the batteries. In exchange with your old battery you will receive a new one at a reduced price. Not all lithium-ion cells of your old battery are functional anymore, but the remaining cells are still good enough to continue using them. We work together with a company that combines several old batteries into a network that is then used as a stationary energy source, for example at festivals. The raw materials once used and the energy expended for the production of our ePower are thus maximally exploited. Only then is the battery recycled and the important raw materials recovered.

Retrofitting with Pendix is comparatively cheaper

An essential factor that determines the offer price is the production location (Germany vs. China, for example), the materials used (metal vs. plastic) and the additional production steps, which are ultimately decisive for a quality product. As everywhere else, there are also price and quality differences in the bicycle sector. The average price of a pedelec is 3000€. We speak of a solid pedelec of medium quality. If you already own a bicycle and would like to have a pedelec, you pay between 1649€ (robust Pendix drive system with a battery capacity of 300 Wh) and 2479€ (robust Pendix drive system with a total battery capacity of 1000 Wh) for our quality product. Furthermore, it is a long-term investment, as the retrofit kit can be taken along on the next bike.

Retrofitting with Pendix is high quality

The founders of Pendix GmbH, who came from the automotive sector, have implemented a maximum of automation in the production of our engine from the very beginning. This guarantees a constant quality. At the same time, quality tests are carried out at the most important points during the production process. You can also rely on our Pendix ePower batteries. The robust metal housing contains lithium-ion packs, which are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and high quality processing. Motors and batteries are tested before delivery according to closely defined parameters. All our measures lead to a complete product which offers maximum reliability and safety.

It is not without reason that we recommend that you have our drive installed by one of our experienced specialist dealers. They have been trained by us for installation and have the necessary tools. After all, what good is a good durable product if it is not mounted correctly and only works half as well. You can find a dealer near you in our dealer search.

Retrofitting with Pendix allows individuality

You can choose a bike according to your own taste to upgrade it to a pedelec - be it your existing one or a new one. This expands the range of electrified models for you to include conventional bikes that may better suit your individual needs in terms of design and components.  No matter what frame height, frame shape, shifting or braking system - almost all bikes can be retrofitted with Pendix. We will inform you about the few restrictions, such as sufficient space for the battery, on our page Installation Requirements.

In addition, our eDrive sets work according to a modular system. The motor is the same with every Pendix eDrive. Choose from three battery sizes the one that suits you best. There is also nothing to prevent you from buying a new one at a later date.

You can still use your bike as a conventional version, because from now on you have a pedelec and bike in one. On the mountain with support or on the straight without support, everything is possible. You hardly feel any pedalling resistance when the motor is switched off. Just as quickly you can switch the support on again.

Retrofitting with Pendix is smart

At first glance it is not obvious, but there is a lot of well thought-out, smart technology in the entire Pendix system. The electric bottom bracket between the cranks registers every pedalling movement. Depending on the level of assistance you choose, the power of the motor is added to your own power. This is a learning system that is permanently self-calibrating and therefore adapts to your riding style. Every person pedals differently. The high art of engineering is to support your riding style in such a way that it feels natural and can hardly be felt when the support starts or stops.

The Pendix eDrive also has a Bluetooth function which allows the battery to be connected to the free PRO app. This allows every user to update their system themselves. With other drives, such an update can take 10-15 minutes as part of a pedelec maintenance, for which you must also pay the dealer. The app also allows you to view various data of your system: The battery's state of health can be checked and errors can be read out, but also functions accompanying the ride such as navigation, range and a cadence display are included. Your smartphone thus also serves as a display. This is just a short insight into the smart technology - All functions of the battery can be found on our Pendix ePower page.


  • Retrofitting with Pendix is sustainable
  • Retrofitting with Pendix is comparatively cheaper
  • Retrofitting with Pendix is high quality
  • Retrofitting with Pendix allows individuality
  • Retrofitting with Pendix is smart