Bluetooth logoff/login

Bluetooth can be activated and deactivated using the on/off switch on the Pendix. Prerequisite: The ePower has been switched on and the illuminated ring is active. For manual Bluetooth activation, the following steps must be performed:

1. turn the support level on the ePower to "Smart".

Press the on/off switch for 4 seconds. The light ring starts to pulsate red, i.e. the ePower is ready to connect to the app.

3. search for, select and connect the ePower in the app

If automatic Bluetooth is already activated in the ePower, the ePower does not start pulsing red, but is already ready for connection to the app as soon as the battery is switched on.

Connection between mobile phone and Pendix eDrive is quick and easy via Bluetooth

To connect your phone to the Pendix eDrive, set the ePower dial to Smart and press the Power button for 4 seconds. This activates the Bluetooth and you can connect with the Pendix App.

connection issues

In the event of connection problems with the Pendix system, briefly switching the flight mode on and off on the mobile phone can help. This will automatically reset the Bluettoth connection. Afterwards please start another connection attempt in the app.
Please also check if you have already connected the Pendix system to the operating system. You can find this connection under the settings / Bluetooth of the operating system. Please delete this connection and only connect via the app.