Drive profiles

From now on you have the possibility to make fine adjustments in the engine itself. Depending on whether you prefer to be supported for a longer period of time or whether you want to feel the maximum power, you can adjust this for yourself in the future. To do this, go to the submenu item "drive profiles" via the item "bike". You have the possibility to change the maximum support level and the torque of the motor. We have already provided you with 2 profiles called "Effiency" and "Performance".


The settings you make allow you to achieve a greater range with your ePower. To achieve this, the engine torque has been reduced in the individual support levels "Eco", "Smart" and "Sport". You are supported at a low level, i.e. less engine power is added to your own power. Thus you save energy of your ePower and can be supported for a longer time. The support from the motor is still effective up to 25 km/h. This mode is especially suitable for longer day trips or bicycle tours.


In this profile, a higher torque is set in the individual stages "Eco", "Smart" and "Sport" compared to "Efficiency". This causes the engine to add more power to the input power. The support by the motor is still provided up to 25 hm/h. This mode is particularly suitable for short distances and steep climbs.

Individual settings

You can make your own settings in the profiles. Select a profile and click on "update". Afterwards you can choose the speed up to which you would like to be supported. You can also fine-tune the torque for the individual support levels. By clicking on the button "use" you confirm your settings and can use them from now on.