Sensor Test

As a dealer you get a diagnostic option for the Pendix eDrive. Under the item "Bicycle" you will find the category "Sensor test", which contains the displays for signal voltage, engine speed and wheel speed. In the following you will learn how these work and what conclusions you can draw about the system:

Signal voltage Torque: The displayed value should be between 2.2 and 2.8 volts in the unloaded state. If the value is outside this range, it indicates a defect in the test roll bearing. There should be a corresponding error in the diagnostic display.

Engine speed/cadence: This display should be changed when the pedal crank is started. If the display remains at 0, you should first check the connection between battery and motor. If this connection is present, the motor may be defective. Here, too, the diagnostic display should show a corresponding error.

Wheel speed: When turning the rear wheel, the display should be changed. If there is no change, check the positioning of the spoke magnet to the wheel speed sensor and the connection of the wheel speed sensor to the engine. Finally, please check again whether the connection between the battery and the motor is present. If the display remains at 0, the sensor cable or the sensor itself could be damaged. Also check the diagnostic display to see whether a corresponding error is displayed.