Update Pendix Software

If there is a new software version for your Pendix system, then a new item "Update Pendix Software" will appear automatically in the "Bike" menu at the bottom.

With a click on "Update Pendix Software" you will get another security question. Please check again before starting:

  1. Do you have an internet connection? This is necessary to load the update.
  2. Does your ePower still have enough power? Your battery should be green.
  3. Does your mobile phone still have enough power? Your mobile phone should also have at least 50% battery capacity.
  4. You have some time and don't need your mobile phone right now? The update process can take between a few minutes and half an hour. This depends on your mobile phone and Bluetooth connection. During the update period, you should not make phone calls or use other apps.

Now you can start the update. Please note that especially the update of the eMachine takes longer (up to 60 minutes). After a short time the ePower will light up red/green during the update process.

Updating the Pendix software takes place in several phases:

  1. Your system will be checked again and the latest software will be downloaded from the Pendix servers.
  2. The old software will be deleted from your Pendix system.
  3. The new software will be installed on your Pendix system.
  4. The Pendix system will be restarted and the app will reconnect to the Pendix system. The new version number will be displayed in the app.

Note: The update process should not be interrupted. If this happens and the connection to the ePower is lost, please go to the Pendix search under Bike again. Under certain circumstances you will no longer see your system with the serial number, but only "PENDIX BL". Then connect to this battery. The update process will automatically start again. Other information in the background may be displayed incorrectly for a short time.